Tiny home packs storage stairs, 2 lofts, tub in 136 sq ft

Julie Olson wanted a traveling residence for her cell pet teaching enterprise. With no architecture teaching, she drew up ideas for exactly what she wanted and sent them to Jason Dietz of Molecule Small Homes. More than a pair of months he constructed her residence to her specs: a fold-out porch, storage stairs, two lofts (one for sleeping, one for storage or two sleeping quarters), a slender closet, and a lavatory with tub, composting rest room, very small sink and escape window/doorway for viewing character.

The 136-square-foot residence can run entirely off grid with rooftop photovoltaic panels, solar batteries, a propane tank and a tankless h2o heater. Total price tag was $45,000, but Dietz suggests you could bring that down by about fifty percent if you constructed it by yourself. Part of the explanation smaller residences on wheels price tag far more per square foot is because they involve structural assist to endure on the highway. The residence was constructed in Santa Cruz, California and it created its to start with vacation around three,000 miles to Maine in which Olson moved in with her cats and pet to vacation and examine.

Molecule Small Homes: moleculetinyhomes.blogspot.com

Authentic story: http://faircompanies.com/movies/watch/very small-residence-packs-storage-stairs-two-lofts-tub-in-136-sq-ft/



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  1. I'm not quite getting this. She needs a tiny home for a mobile dog training business? Exactly how mobile is it?
    I don't really think these homes are normally made to be towed all the time like a RV or purpose built trailer. I guess it could be made to withstand the rigors of the road with good engineering and and proper materials.
    While I understand the difference in feel and look from a tiny house and a trailer I'm not sure I would buy into this.
    But if that's what floats your boat, go for it.

  2. I Would Love A Reply To This Question I Have. Can You PLEASE Tell Me About Thee House With The Purple Trim Please & Thx Very Interested! Sincerely Evan p.s. Happy New Year! 2017 🙂

  3. Bottom riser is way to tall for a step. 7.5 is normal, that looked like 12 inch. Also. instead of 4 doors under the stair case 1 big door or 2 small doors would have looked better. Fridge should have been at the other end of the lower, as it will be accessed more then the lower cupboard.

  4. hi. i'm interested in having something like this for traveling massage. only i'd like the bathroom at front end w a tub and windows. How do i contact the individual who made this? Thanks.

  5. beautiful! I am making and ashram / hotel for yoga turists in lake Atitlan Guatemala , in San Marcos La Laguna. if you would like to come and and enjoy the lake and help me build my proyect I am interested in hiring your knowledge . i have a 240 square meter piece of land by the lake . semi inclined piece of land

  6. From what I can see on the video top notch carpentry. A plus! Good choice on the Birch paneling inside I don't know why all these tiny home builders Don't make that same paneling choice as opposed to that plugged plywood most of them use, that looks awful. Now,… that joints cracking stuff about the sheetrock, "completely false". What would it matter anyway? The whole interior is full of batting board and outside corner guard where's the tape joints so this guy's full of it on that. (Not even to say: there's not even one spot bigger than 4×8 on the whole inside) That stuff about you can't use tile or whatever else he said about the counters that they would crack more BS. Finally those comments about stain being toxic give me a break! That's bordering on some kind of weirdo germ phobe shit. Especially since stain is used in about 90% of all the buildings in the whole world. I haven't heard of any cases of people dying from going in them…House Front: Dutch Door and Fly-Rafter design very nice! Plywood siding choice "Bad"! I'm not a solar expert, but it's easy for one to see this is a good set up and was done right!

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