Thrift Haul | Fall Fashion + Vintage Home Decor

Hi loves!

I hope you appreciate this minor thrift haul of classic quirky goodness! There just isn’t much of a concept to this haul, assume that it was filmed in drop…hints the title of the video clip. Despite the concept, or lack-there-of, I hope you acquired motivated to discover some treasures of your individual!

P.S. sorry for being M.I.A the final several weeks, I have been tremendous sicky! Eventually acquired around to uploading this terrible boy – it is long overdue. 💀

Daisies and stardust,
Anastasjia Louise

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  1. Every time it is a pleasure to watch your videos.
    My favorites are when you can be this animated and when you're having fun. I also think you have a lot to share and we have a lot to learn from you so when you just chat in front of your camera is a gift ♡ Keep on doing what animates your soul and take care of you ^^

  2. The best content you've created almost always involves you talking about something you like (like music, clothing item etc) so why not extend that to a series – like fav movies, fav books, fav quotes etc? I just love the way your face lights up when you talk about the things you adore, its the most genuine part about your channel! Good luck!

  3. "what excites me seems to not excite you guys"… I am not sure why you think this, maybe the comment section, but I want to say this: there are people like us who enjoy your content. whatever it is..mental health, personal experiences, thrift hauls (my favourite), your editing… Sometimes we come to youtube to be inspired by other people who are just trying to live an authentic and kind life!
    maybe im speaking for myself.. (in that case change the we to I)

  4. you are honestly like one of the best people ever, i love your videos! idk maybe you should try some vlogs, i know that's like basic but everyone enjoys vlogs, especially near christmasss~ your make up is so nice so maybe a makeup tutorial? i also found you through your astrology videos so yh they're my fav 😉 Taurus are the best cough cough but you just do you gurll <3

  5. I love you just the way you are. Your so quirky and inspiring and you make me always strive to be the best version of myself. As someone who has many ways to relate to you such as veganism, depression, anxiety, thrifting, etc, I truly find your videos heartwarming, entertaining, and very helpful. You have helped me grow in so many ways and I am truly thankful. Keep making whatever kind of videos you want because your perfect in every way. <3 Peace and love

  6. I enjoy all of your content though I have some favourites among them: Your cover videos (Skinny Love, Ride, Young & Beautiful and Dreams are my favourites so far), hair tutorial videos, decoration videos, vintage clothing hauls and the ones about mental health. I am totally into seeing videos where you do whatever you love. I hope that you enjoy while making videos and let us see more of your beautiful videos.

  7. Hey Anastasia I have a video request for you! For a couple of months I've been working really hard on myself and on my soul I've read so many self help books and have been positive and calm and I've done a great job at keeping my anxiety levels very low, i was planning to move out of Arizona to California in may but in the last 3 months I've had 2 people close to me & my family pass away and I was in a car accident that has left me kind of stuck, I work three jobs to be able to save enough to move but now I'm car-less and feeling like the universe is making things extra hard on me to reach my goals. I know you managed to move states and to keep up with YouTube while struggling if you could do a video chatting on how to get thru times like these to get where You want to be I would appreciate it. I see you as a big sis and as an inspiration and hearing you talk about this would help greatly

  8. I would say don't second guess what you truly want to create. There's always somewhere out there who will appreciate it and that's what matters. I love seeing someone passionate about what they do, so definitely do you boo 😉

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