Spectacular 20ft Off-The-Grid Tiny Shipping Container House

This off-the-grid shipping and delivery container property is a person that you have to see to believe! Converted from a 20ft (six meter) shipping and delivery container, this little property has every thing that you need to have and is an remarkable illustration of purposeful, place-preserving style and design.

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  1. I do wonder about the waste water from the bathroom? Shower water will be soaped up and toilet water, is well, toilet water. You can't really just dump it outside

    What she has done though is pretty amazing!

    I'd love to live in a place like this, but my body isn't made for it anymore lol. I couldn't get into that bed, if I fell and seized I'd destroy it and no where to stash my wheelchair.

    I do just love watching these videos and planning out ideas in my head I know aren't really going to happen heh, Maybe I can ponder over sticking 2 of them together and making a Shipping Container Bungalow specialised for people who walk into everything and disabled people.

  2. most tiny houses focus so much on wood (or wood-looking-plastic) and i find it very cabin-in-the-woods. maybe nice for a weekend, but lacks the interior design value. i fell in love with this container house! finally someone who doesn't give up on decoration because they have a smaller space to live in. i adored the bathroom -which is something most people somehow overlook. i could even see myself living there, it's that fantastic.

  3. There are a few tips of techniques to build a container home
    Insist that You view the Containers you are purchasing.
    Don't Expect To Make save a lot of money.
    Study your local building rules.
    Find a contractor that will do the whole project.
    study a shipping container's structure.
    Cut down the amount of welding required.
    (Reference: Rohon Home Build website )

  4. не реально. контейнер 20 HC . слишком мал. для такого дома.
    Internal measurements
    Length: 2345 mm
    Width: 2690 mm
    Height: 5910 mm
    те. потолок в комнате с телевизором (салон) под которой кровать еще, высота его будет 1,5. при ширине 2,3 метра.
    короче не реально. зрительный обман.
    this is fukin-fake

  5. The bathroom being outside the house, didn't see any lights in there, what if u need to take a shower before dawn to get ready for work? What about winter, is there heat in there, before turning on the shower? I don't know about most people, but I don't get dressed in the bathroom and it wouldn't be safe to walk out in a towel or robe, naked underneath.

  6. This home has a very modern feel. Like others have stated, splitting up the living space and bed in such a way was a great way to maximize the space.

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