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  1. Love the triangle theory: a really good tip! But I don’t understand this blogger trend for having slogans all over the place: doesn’t it feel like your home is shouting at you?

  2. Hello, thank you for nice video and beautiful inspiration. I really love the scandinavian, minimalist style with hygge atmosphere and still try to put into our living room :-). I am looking forward to your next video! Bye

  3. I have never had any guidance on decorating a home. Because of your videos, I am bringing hygge into our camp we bought this summer. I now know why some of my arrangements are missing something. Such simple advice with a big impact. Thank you!

  4. Hello, I really love your videos and your inspiration. Unfortunately this time I have to say I really preferred your living room as well as your bathroom without the posters. I always enjoyed the minimalistic atmosphere and had the feeling what surrounds you means something to you. Now this posters seem so exchangeable and unpersonal almost 'cluttery'.  No offense, hope you don't mind. More over I hope YOU enjoy your walls and feel calm and cozy with them, that is all that counts in your home. <3

  5. I loved how you made this video with nice tips & sharing your taste without feeling you are pushing so much the sponsor, as so many other youtubers do when they have a paid video ad. You still brought in your very own taste & personal touch & I really enjoy the filming & editing style. Plus Desenio is a great website for posters & frames.

  6. The triangle theory is really interesting 🙂 thank you for the inspiration! I love white walls, but I do like the posters you have chosen. More videos about HYGGE  please 😀

  7. Thank you so much for this video! I've been looking for posters to update my room decor and Desenio is perfect! I've just ordered three using your discount code. So glad I found your channel 🙂

  8. Is the 40% discount in any country or just Denmark? I live in the UK and have been meaning to order sth on Desenio and with this discount it would be amazing. Thank you for another great video!!!!

  9. I loved this video, very inspirational. And thank you for the promo code, I was looking for some prints for my living room for a while and found lovely ones of the website.

  10. Hey Signe, always excited for new videos from you (: Have you got a new watch? May I ask what brand it is? I've been looking everywhere for an all black watch with yellow gold details, but I seem to only be able to find ones that have rose gold.. I would appreciate any information very much! Greetings from Austria!

  11. i love your home, it looks very nice and clean and put together. but its also very safe to live like that, everything is very monochrome black and white and very prinerest. i moved recently and got rid of everything i didn't need. and we investeted in nice furniture, our home looks also very clean and nice and put together now. but something is missing! i dont know what, some colour maybe, maybe some history, maybe caracter? do you feel the same in your home?

  12. Incredible video. Very inspiring. Not so keen on your hair and top in this video. Head looks tiny… shoulders massive…just looks manly and odd. However other parts of the clip and almost all previous clips are great and very informative!

  13. I love your home.  I've always yearned for the nice, clean, minimalistic look of Scandinavian décor.  My grandmother was English and her house was jammed full of very heavy "Victorian" stuff.  It felt suffocating to me.  Then I discovered IKEA!  Now I can relax and breathe!  Thank you for the lovely video.

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