House Tour & Decor For Small Spaces | Belinda Selene

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  1. congatz! on your new home bel ^^
    and i would like to know were did you get that pic frame from the one with you and ur bestie ashley
    on ur make-up table? its to cute (:

  2. Belinda I am obsessed with ur channel!! But I was just wondering do u not keep a planner anymore? I love watching a planner video because u inspired me to get one and I like watching ur planner videos to get inspiration. So r u making any new planner of organizational videos? But anyway I love ur channel and all of ur videos!

  3. Congratulations Belinda!! very happy for you & your husband. So, does that mean kids soon? Yay! Lol also, do a video on house hunting process & everything. Thank you.

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