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    2004 home layout, Clinchfield, C&O

    Movie taken of my layout masking the north conclude of the Clinchfield. CRR time freight at Kingsport and C&O power and coal prepare at Elkhorn Town. Movie was shot in spring of 2004 the day just before I tore down the layout in planning for a shift to a new residence.

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    Charter Member #30 Tom Rains’ Home Train Layout

    As aspect of our fortieth anniversary year-lengthy celebration, the Lionel Collectors Club of America is happy to introduce you to Charter Member #30, Tom Rains of Des Moines, IA. In this online video, you will see Tom’s format. When we say basement format, that is an understatement. Tom’s format occupies his whole basement. He even […]

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    Doms Workshop Video 3 Part1 – Workshop Layout

    Maximising place in the property workshop. Some matters to take into account. Factors that work for me and some matters that didn’t. Hope these video clips are of some use to you all. If you have a dilemma about any equipment I contact on breifly or would like a video evaluate of any equipment you […]